Drone has been developed that inspects railways and flies away if a train is approaching

The Norwegian company Nordic Unmanned has developed the Staaker drone for railway inspection. It moves along the rails and flies away when a train approaches. In addition to recording railway data, the Staaker BG-300 can also transmit it to track managers in real-time.

Regular inspections of railroad tracks are an important part of road safety. The problem is that they usually have to be escorted when there are no trains nearby. However, the new Staaker BG-300 railway drone does not need to wait for the right moment – it just flies off the rails when trains approach.

The drone by the Norwegian company Nordic Unmanned is a fuel cell driven multicopter with a set of four motorized rail wheels. Using them, he moves along the railway line at an average speed of 20 km / h. The authors of the development note that it covers a distance of up to 200 km at a time.

In the process, Staaker checks the tracks using cameras and other sensors, and lubricates the turnouts, if necessary. If it detects any other rail traffic, it will autonomously take off from the rails until the traffic subsides. Also, the drone can fly from one railway track to another. As a result, railway sections do not need to be closed during inspections. Commercial operation of the Staaker is due to commence in Europe in the first half of 2022.

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