Drew Barrymore remembers being locked in solitary confinement due to drug addiction

Paris Hilton garnered a lot of attention this month with the release of the biopic This Is Paris, in which she talked about her period at boarding school. According to Paris, at the boarding school, she experienced physical and mental abuse, which she never told anyone about.

It seems to me that they [the school leadership] had a goal to break us. There was physical violence, we were beaten and strangled. They wanted to intimidate us so that we would be afraid to disobey them, said Hilton.

According to her, in the boarding school students were given “some kind of pills”, and when she refused to take them, she was locked naked in a cell sometimes for almost a day.

In the wake of revelations, Drew Barrymore also shared the details of her stormy youth.

In your film, I saw a reflection of everything that I experienced myself. They also took me away and took me to solitary confinement, where I sat alone for a long time – sometimes a year, sometimes six months, Said Barrymore. Moreover, in her case, these were methods of getting rid of drug addiction.

I was violent, I made riots all the time, my mother did not know what to do with me. I took drugs and lost control of myself. Therefore, I was sent to this institution. And it saved my life, noted Drew.

Hilton admitted that she did not tell her parents about her bitter experience at the boarding school, they first learned about it from her film. Now, according to Hilton, her relationship with her mother has become much closer.