Drew Barrymore got into a scandal around a teacher’s romance with a minor schoolgirl

In the new episode of her show, Drew Barrymore organized a wedding for nurse Selina and school teacher Dana, who could not get married for a long time due to the coronavirus pandemic. The actress arranged a gift for the couple, making them the heroes of her show, during which 25-year-old Selina and 36-year-old Dan also talked about their relationship. According to the couple, they met several years ago at school “through mutual friends.”

The story was supposed to move the public, but instead caused outrage: there were unconfirmed rumours that Selina and Dan met not through mutual friends, but during Selina’s studies when her current fiancé was her teacher. Users concluded that Dan began dating a girl when she was underage. This infuriated some viewers.

It is known that Selina graduated from the school in 2013, it is also known that Dan worked at that school. But there is no evidence that he was her teacher.

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