Drama unfolded around Demi Lovato’s separation from her fiancé

Last week, it became known that Demi Lovato and Max Erich broke up, although they announced their engagement in July. The source said the couple decided to split up to “go their own way and focus on their careers”.

After this news, Max announced on his Instagram that he learned about the status of his relationship with Demi, including breaking up with her, from the tabloids.

“Imagine what it would be like to learn about the status of your relationship from the tabloids … While you are filming a biopic about a pastor in a Christian church with the aim of helping people,” Erich wrote.

Now an insider claims that Max is not telling the truth.

“He’s lying! Demi told him everything beforehand,” the source said. He also speculated why Erich allegedly pretended not to be told.

“He just wants to maintain interest in himself. Demi’s family thinks he is crazy and they are very glad that she broke up with him,” the informant shared.

Max recently commented on an insider’s statement:

I was on the set of Southern Gospel with the cast and crew. They saw me get on my phone and open the news. It’s absolutely true, I learned about the end of the relationship and the end of the engagement in this way, and people saw how it was and helped me get back into character and continue working.