Drake hopes to have an affair with Kim Kardashian

A source from Heat magazine said that after Kim Kardashian broke up with Kanye West, rapper Drake began to hope for a relationship with Instagram and began writing to her.

There were already rumours about Drake and Kim’s connection. In 2018, the rapper released the song In My Feelings, in which he repeats the line Kiki, do you love me? (“Do you love me, Kiki?”). Then, amid rumours of treason, Kanye recorded a video in which he turned to Drake: “People are spreading rumours that you are sleeping with my wife. You don’t say anything, and you present it like this. I do not like this”.

Drake recently released the track Wants and Needs, where he mentions Kanye West’s brand, Yeezy, and says that he “needs to confess his sins.” After that, there was a new wave of discussions about Drake and Kim’s secret relationship.

“Drake never understood what Kim found in Kanye. For years, he had told her that Kanye was not right for her and that it would all end in tears. He’s surprised it took her so long to figure it out. As soon as the divorce became known, Drake began to write to her. He is ready to meet her as soon as she says. And he is confident that this will happen soon, “– said the insider.

At the same time, Kim herself, according to the source, does not want to start a new relationship yet: “She is afraid to get close to someone until her divorce from Kanye is completed.”

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