Dragon cargo ship docked to ISS

The SpaceX spacecraft delivered solar panels and other devices to the ISS. He docked to the ISS autonomously.

Researchers from NASA said the Dragon cargo ship had docked to the ISS. At the same time, the device did it offline – this process could be watched live. Scientists sent the device using a Falcon 9 launch vehicle that launched from the Cape Canaveral launch site on June 3.

Scientists noted that Dragon had docked to the ISS. The researchers did not interfere with the process, it happened automatically.

The launch vehicle and spacecraft are owned by private company SpaceX, which delivers cargo and crews to the ISS under a contract with NASA.

Earlier, the Chinese space cargo ship docked with the Tianhe station. The device delivered spacesuits, equipment and fuel for the station, which is due to launch in 2022. It was launched with a Long March-7 Y3 rocket at 20:55 from the Wenchang Cosmodrome on the southern island of Hainan. This was reported by the China Administration for the Development of Manned Spacecraft.

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