Dozens of universities supported the demand to cancel Trump’s decree on foreign students

The administration has demanded that international students leave the United States if all their courses are conducted remotely.

About 60 American universities on Sunday supported a lawsuit by two us universities that are trying to block the Trump administration’s decision to ban international students from staying in the country if their educational institutions do not hold full-time classes in the fall semester.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Federal court in Boston by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

59 American universities, including seven universities from the prestigious Ivy League, on Sunday, filed a so-called Advisory opinion-a document in support of the participant in the process, sent by interested parties.
The universities said they rely on Federal guidelines that “should remain in effect throughout the emergency.” These guidelines allow international students to attend courses during the pandemic, all of which have been converted to an online format.

“The emergency persists, but the government’s policy has suddenly and dramatically changed, which has disorganized the preparatory work of universities and led to significant damage and confusion,” they added.

According to the State Department and the Institute of international education, in the 2018-2019 academic year, about 1.1 million foreign students attended American universities, and they accounted for 5.5 percent of the total student body in the United States.

The Trump administration’s announcement took academic institutions by surprise, which is trying to solve the problem of safely resuming classes in the face of a continuing coronavirus pandemic around the world and a growing number of cases in the United States.

The US government is trying to get schools and universities to open in the fall. Harvard University has already announced that all classes in the fall semester will be held in an online format.

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