Donald Trump urgently returned to the White House

Donald Trump is back. And this is the main news of the last day. He tricked everyone again. Moreover, the five hundred people have already received invitations to the traditional New Year’s Eve party at his Mar-a-Lago residence. In addition, those who therefore did not expect him at the White House so soon. Everyone is much more interested in the reason for such suddenness. After all, it seemed that the only thing that would make him leave cozy Florida was a meeting of the two houses of Congress for the final recognition of Joe Biden’s victory.

However, first, it is only on January 6. Secondly, Trump has scheduled for this day, as he put it, a “wild” rally in Washington, and did not sign that adjustments in the schedule are possible. In fact, everything goes on as usual. The Supreme Court still refuses to accept claims for reconsideration of the election results. Because of the quality of their conduct, Trump himself still calls the United States a third world country. With the only clarification, that is even worse. In general, nothing new.

But maybe he doesn’t care about the 6th number, but the third. Anniversary of the assassination of General Suleimani. If “Fox News” reached as if secret information of the special services about a possible attack by Iran on American forces in the Middle East in memory of the commander of “Al-Quds,” then Trump, for sure, did not know about it last. Nevertheless, this is his personal concern. On the eve of officially, Tehran declared the President of the United States “criminal offender number one,” threatening to deal with him according to the law. And according to their law, the death penalty is due for this case.

He did not rush to the White House because there was a bunker there, and Mar-a-Lago was not. There is also a decision-making center, including the application of a pre-emptive strike. Even if not backed up even by the notorious test tube, intelligence reports, for the United States, is very often a preface to the action of retribution, ahead of the very cause of retribution. Here just a couple of B-52 are already in full combat readiness. They were transferred here, however, for the third time in a month and a half. And it seems, too, only to frighten or, as they say, “demonstrate their potential.”

Its size, of course, is impressive. Still, it can only confuse shamefacedly impressionable allies who are not ready to get involved in another adventure of the hegemon and, therefore, call on Washington to return to Tehran’s atomic deal. It is believed that they will not have to persuade Biden for a long time. Hence, the assumption that Trump decided to leave the circumstances of force majeure.

After all, what good is it that he was the only U.S. leader who did not start a single war? Maybe that is why the Americans called him a failed president. Okay, the peace prize would have been given, and it is already, apparently, unlikely. And a blow to Iran is an opportunity to slam not only the door finally. In general, it remains to wait a couple of days to make it clear: Trump’s sudden return to the White House is just a picture of “Did not wait” or still “Sailed.”

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