Donald Trump signed an Executive order suspending immigration to the United States

US President Donald Trump has signed an order on a temporary ban on immigration to the United States. Reuters reported on April 23.

“This ensures that unemployed Americans from all walks of life will be first in line for jobs when our economy opens,” the White House chief said during a briefing on coronavirus. He added that this is a temporary measure; it will be valid for at least 60 days. According to trump, the administration will continue to monitor the labor market to make changes or extend the term of the decree if necessary.

The restrictions apply to foreigners who are outside the United States at the time of signing the decree and do not have a valid immigrant visa. The order does not apply to medical professionals, spouses and children of American citizens, or temporary employees.

Before that, Donald Trump said that he was going to sign an Executive order suspending immigration because of the coronavirus. According to the President, these measures will help protect the jobs of American citizens. Later in the briefing, the head of the White House clarified that he will issue a decree on a temporary ban on immigration for a period of two months, this restriction will apply to those who want to obtain a permanent residence permit in the United States-a green card.

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