Donald Trump proposes to postpone November presidential elections

Elections by post do not suit the incumbent head of state.

Donald Trump proposes to postpone the November vote due to possible fraudulent voting by mail. Metro found out if the election format could change.
On his Twitter, the US president recently said that the vote, due in November, could lead to fraud and inaccurate results if Americans vote by mail using ballots. At a meeting with supporters hosted by Fox News, Trump explained his concerns about absentee voting: “Where are these ballots sent? Where do they go? Who gets them?” Trump asked questions. “Will they be stolen from mailboxes? Are they going to be taken away from postmen and postmen? Will they be faked? Who signs them? Are they filled on the kitchen table and sent into the unknown? ”

In addition to these questions, Trump is also concerned about the danger of foreign interference. “Democrats know that mail-order voting is an easy way for other countries to influence our elections,” the US leader wrote on Twitter.

However, not everything is so simple: Trump’s unprecedented idea of ​​postponing the election must be approved by Congress. Trump does not offer a specific date, but on Twitter said that voting cannot be held until the end of the pandemic, “until people can vote properly, reliably, and safely”.

Jacob Neuheisel, an American political scientist, believes that Trump wants to postpone the election not so much because of the danger of fraud, but rather “to undermine the credibility of the electoral process among his supporters.” More than half of American voters believe Trump wants to help himself politically by buying time to improve his image, according to a Washington Post poll. Even so, many believe Trump’s chances of re-election are slim.

21% of voters voted by mail in previous elections in 2016, according to the Pew Research Center.