“Donald Trump, meet in court”: will the Democrats be able to challenge the introduction of the state of emergency in the United States

The representatives of human rights organizations, the Governor of California and the speaker of the Lower House of Congress intend to sue the administration of Donald Trump. From their point of view, the head of state exceeded his powers by introducing a state of emergency in the country for the construction of the wall along the border with Mexico. In turn, Trump said he was ready for lawsuits and hopes for support from the US Supreme Court. Experts predict that the struggle between the head of the White House and his opponents over the construction of barricades will escalate even more before the presidential election.

A number of American NGOs and activists are going to fight in court with Donald Trump’s plans to build a wall on the border with Mexico.
On February 15, the American leader signed a document introducing a state of emergency, which allows the White House to allocate funds for the project without the approval of Congress. Such measures as the 45th President of the United States went after unsuccessful attempts to negotiate with the Parliament a draft budget, which included a paragraph on the financing of the construction of new border barriers.

Donald Trump said that talks with members of the Democratic Party, which controls the House of Representatives, on financing the construction of the wall is a waste of time. Now, however, his decision to impose a state of emergency can be challenged in court.

The American Union for the protection of civil liberties, the liberal NGO Public Citizen, speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and a number of state prosecutors from the States voting for the Democratic party have already announced their intention to sue the White House, the Associated Press reports.
Human rights activists and opponents of trump from the Democratic Party argue that the differences between the White House and Congress are not a reason for the introduction of the state of emergency, and the American leader by his actions exceeded the powers provided by Federal law.

In addition to lawsuits, liberal activists have planned a series of protests to be held on the President’s Day — February 18. The organizers of the shares are MoveOn group, funded by billionaire George Soros. In a statement, MoveOn is calling on Americans to take to the streets to protest Donald Trump’s “racist” actions, USA Today reports.

Governor of California Gavin Newsom and the state’s attorney Javier Becerra at a joint press conference called the Tramp’s decision “political theatre” and reaffirmed their intention to go to court.

“Donald Trump, see you in court,” – quotes the Governor of the newspaper San Francisco Chronicle.

According to Becerra, the US President himself admitted that the imposition of emergency was not a forced measure, and the only way to overcome the resistance of Congress.

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