Donald Trump inspected the wall under construction on the border with Mexico

The President announced the preservation of the state of emergency in the field of security on the southern border.

President Donald Trump said that the US border with Mexico continues to operate a state of emergency. The head of state said this during his visit to the California border town of Otay Mesa, where a new section of the barrier separating the territories of Mexico and the United States is being built.
According to the President, a total of 800 km long barrier will be built in the framework of the wall project by the end of 2020. Fences will appear in the “most important” areas from the point of view of border security. The total length of the US-Mexico border is more than 3,200 km.

The President explained that in many areas the border between the two countries is protected by “natural barriers” – mountains and deep rivers that block the path of border violators.

Secretary of homeland security Kevin Mcaleenan, who was present during the President’s visit to Otay Mesa, added that it was here 18 months ago that models of various options for the construction of the wall were presented, which Donald trump examined. Now 38 km of barriers have been erected in this sector.

“The difference for us is that if before the border illegally crossed from 300 to 500 people a day, now we see that this figure has decreased to 30-50 violators… Traffic in this sector has significantly decreased,” the Minister said.

Answering a journalist’s question about whether there is still a state of emergency on the state border with Mexico, announced by the President about six months ago, Trump replied in the affirmative.

“I think the final success can be said when the wall is built when traffickers will not be able to pass through the border… It’s a nationwide state of emergency concerning human trafficking, drug smuggling, and border violations. In many cases, these people are criminals, and we do not want them to get into our country,” the President said.

Trump added that the number of military personnel sent in connection with the state of emergency to guard the border will gradually decrease, and by the time the wall ends, only US Border customs officers will remain on guard at the border.

The President also thanked the Mexican authorities for the excellent actions taken to protect the border from the Mexican side. According to trump, Mexico City pays for the stay at the border of 27 thousand troops, preventing illegal migrants from entering the United States.

“I think it’s very good for Mexico because they’re fighting drug cartels. Cartels were a big problem. If I imposed a 5% duty [import from Mexico]… six months would pay for the whole wall. But at the moment I don’t want to do it,” the President added

Author: Flyn Braun
Graduated from Cambridge University. Previously, he worked in various diferent news media. Currently, it is a columnist of the us news section in the Free News editors.
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