Donald Trump has officially announced the start of the election campaign

ORLANDO – President Donald Trump on Tuesday evening officially announced the beginning of the election campaign 2020. Trump said this when opening a rally of thousands of his supporters in Orlando, Florida.

First lady Melania Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and representatives of the administration took part in the meeting together with the President.

Together with Trump on the presidential plane in Orlando arrived senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio, representing Florida, announced the imminent resignation of press Secretary Sarah Sanders (she tweeted today that this is her last flight on Board the presidential plane as a press Secretary of the White House), Senator Lindsey Graham and White House Director of communications in social networks Dan Scavino.

At the Orlando airport, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his wife Casey met the arrivals.

Vice President Mike Pence was the first to speak at the rally. He went up to the podium of the Amway Center stadium with his wife Karen Pence.
“Jobs have returned, self-confidence has returned, and, thanks to the leadership of President Donald Trump, America has returned. We are just starting,” Pence said.

President trump began his speech in the usual manner – he lashed out at the liberal media, saying that journalists writing “fake news” will write about an empty stadium, noticing “empty three or four seats.”

Donald Trump noted that the 2016 elections were “a defining moment in American history” and, pointing to the journalists standing next to the podium, added: “By the Way, now there are many (journalists from) “fake” media there.”

30 minutes after the start of his speech, Trump announced his official nomination as a Republican candidate for the presidential election in 2020.
“We will continue to make America great again, and then we will certainly support America’s greatness. That is why I stand before you tonight and announce the official launch of my campaign to re-elect the President of the United States. I promise you that I will never, never let you down,” Trump said, addressing the audience.

During his speech, Trump said that President Barack Obama “did nothing” when he was informed about Russian interference in the elections in 2016. Then, addressing the audience, he accused “radical democratic opponents” of wanting to “destroy you” and “wanting to destroy our country as we know it.” The President stressed: “This is unacceptable. That won’t happen.”

Donald Trump also accused the Democrats of unwillingness to accept the conclusions of the investigation of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller on Russian intervention. He stated that the Republicans “won in the case of the Mueller report, and now they (the Democrats) want to try again.”
Meanwhile, most Americans, according to a new poll conducted by SSRS commissioned by CNN, believe that President Trump will win the election in 2020 and will be re-elected for a second term. 54% of respondents believe that Trump will become the new President again, the opposite opinion is shared by 41% of respondents.

Among the reasons for the popularity of trump is often called the state of the economy (26%). The President is blamed for lies (13% of the study participants said this) and racism (11%).

Among the reasons for the popularity of trump is often called the state of the economy (26%). The President is blamed for lies (13% of the study participants said this) and racism (11%).

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