Donald Trump has closed his charitable fund

The Us President Donald Trump has decided to close its charitable fund Trump Foundation, against which in June filed a lawsuit attorney General of the state of New York Barbara Underwood. “This is an important victory for the rule of law, which clearly indicates that there is the same set of rules for everyone,” said Ms. Underwood (quoted by Reuters).

She added that the Fund would be dissolved and its remaining assets transferred to other organizations. According to Ms. Underwood, “the Trump Foundation has demonstrated a shocking pattern of lawlessness, including improper coordination with Trump’s election campaign, repeated and deliberate use of his position for selfish purposes, and more.” She called the Fund “a checkbook serving Mr.Trump’s business and political interests.”

Despite the closure of the Fund, Ms.Underwood plans to continue the business and seek from the Trump Foundation fines and damages in the millions of dollars. Also, the Prosecutor General demands to prohibit the children of Mr. Trump- Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. from being on the boards of Directors of NGOs based in New York or working in New York.

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