Donald Trump and Narendra Modi to attend the rally in Houston

Later, the US President will speak at a joint event with the Australian Prime Minister in Ohio.

President Donald Trump on Sunday will visit Houston, Texas, where he will take part in a mass rally attended by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Trump and Modi will appear in front of an estimated fifty thousand audience of Americans with Indian roots who will fill the stadium in Houston, where the ” Hello Modi!”(Howdy Modi).

One of the organizers of the event, Preeti Daura, said: “Our community is very happy about Trump.”

However, recent polls show that Trump is not very popular among Indian Americans, most of whom voted for his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 election.

Modi, who has already arrived in Houston, faces a backlash against the repression in Kashmir.

In August, he stripped the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir of its semi-Autonomous status, which caused a new surge of tension with Pakistan, which also claims part of Kashmir.

India has sent thousands of troops to the predominantly Muslim region to prevent violent protests. Kashmiris continue to face restrictions on travel and communications.