Donald and Melania Trump in identical outfits: the new official portrait of the couple

The network published a new official family portrait of the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his wife. Users noticed that the first lady of America with her unusual outfit emphasized unity with her husband.

Melania Trump is a well-known fashionista with an excellent sense of style and taste. Almost all the images of the first lady of America, in which she was published, caused admiration among fans and even detractors. The new outfit of Donald Trump’s wife was no exception.\

New official portrait of Donald and Melania Trump

Instead of a beautiful dress, Melania preferred a pantsuit and a white shirt. You can see that the president and the first lady look like a single entity with the naked eye!

It is difficult to say whether Melania’s unusual image is her personal choice or the recommendation of a stylist. Still, the Trump couple looks like a really friendly and loving family.

Fans of Melania admire the beauty of the first lady of America and believe that she will continue to support her husband in everything after leaving the White House. I hope that the rumors that the couple is on the verge of divorce are not true because 50-year-old Melania and 74 – year-old Donald are, without exaggerating, a lovely and successful couple.

There are rumors that Mrs. Trump has already packed up and is ready to leave American presidents’ official residence, giving the White House to a new owner-Jill Biden. Where Donald and Melania will live is still unknown.

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