Dominic West’s wife, caught kissing with Lily James, went to her mother in Ireland

Catherine left for the family castle in County Limerick (Ireland), where her mother, Olda Fitzgerald, lives. Her sisters, the illustrator Nest and the actress Aunor, also came to support Katherine. According to insiders, Fitzgerald has convened a family council to decide on the future of her marriage to Dominic.

Nesta told friends that it was like family crisis negotiations. She and Honor are fiercely protective of their older sister and want only the best for her, even if that means Katherine will leave her husband, – one of the sources shared with the Daily Mail.

The absence of his wife at home was recently confirmed by West himself, calling, however, his wife’s departure to Ireland a business trip.

According to residents, Katherine hardly appears in public and simply sits in the castle, avoiding meetings. However, this did not stop reporters from moving to Limerick and guarding Fitzgerald at the estate.

Last week we had photographers, but the entrance to the territory of the castle is strictly prohibited, and it still does not come out. The police asked them to disperse. This is her home, her favorite place in the world, and she feels safe here. Naturally, she came to her mother. She must be going through hell, – one of the residents shared with the press.

She is absolutely devastated by these photographs, and their story will inevitably have a sad end, – insiders suggest.

Recall that Catherine and Dominic have been married for 10 years, together they have four children.

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