Dominic West promised his wife no more contact with Lily James after cheating

Last fall, fans of Dominic West and his wife Catherine Fitzgerald were shocked by the news of the actor’s romance with co-star Lily James. The paparazzi saw West several times in Lily’s company, and it was clear from the photographs that these were by no means friendly gatherings.

The public expected Dominic’s infidelity to end his 10-year marriage to Catherine. But the couple turned out to be stronger than passions. Amidst heated discussions, West and Fitzgerald spoke to the press, kissed revealingly and said that Dominic’s affair with Lily did not ruin their marriage. However, the couple is still working to strengthen their relationship.

According to a Daily Mail source, Katherine and Dominic are currently vacationing on Lamu Island in Kenya. An insider noted that the wife gave West a second chance and even offered to remarry. Also, she made West a condition: no more contact with James.

Now, this is especially inconvenient, since the TV series “Pursuit of Love”, in which Dominic and Lily played the main roles, will soon be on the screens. Before the premiere, it is planned to shoot commercials and presentations with the participation of actors. According to an insider, West went to meet his wife and agreed with the producers not to be invited at the same time as James.

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