Dominic West posted a family photo after cheating on his wife in public with Lily James

The star of the series “Lovers” shared a touching Christmas photo with fans on social networks. He with his wife and four children posing against the backdrop of a family estate in Ireland. They stand beside ancient structures and numerous green spaces at Clay Castle in County Limerick. The actor’s wife, landscape designer Catherine Fitzgerald, is in the centre of the composition, and the children and husband are on either side of it at some distance.

“Merry Christmas from Clay Castle!” – was listed in the caption to the photo.

The family shot was taken just a couple of months after West and Fitzgerald spoke publicly about their relationship. The day before, pictures of the actor’s romantic walk with his partner in the film Lily James appeared on the network: the artists’ behaviour did not make anyone doubt that they were on a date.

But then a picture of Dominic and Catherine embracing was spread on the Internet: they held a piece of paper in their hands, on which it was written: “Our marriage is strong, and we are still together. Thank you”. Judging by the current Christmas footage, Fitzgerald has no regrets about forgiving her husband.

West married Fitzgerald in 2010. The Glyn castle is of great importance to their family – the artist has always said that the spouse puts a lot of effort into bringing the estate into proper shape.

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