Dominic West denies divorce from his wife after ‘kissing’ Lily James

After rumors of an affair with Lily James and photos of kisses with the actress, Dominic West returned home to his wife Catherine Fitzgerald and said that they were doing well.

On Tuesday, Dominic and Catherine met with reporters outside their home, kissed revealingly, and denied rumors that their relationship was crumbling. West said:

We have a strong marriage and are still together.

At the same time, Dominic did not answer questions about the relationship with Lily and did not say anything about the scandalous photos. Fans have noticed that Dominic and Catherine were hiding their hands in their pockets, so it is unknown if they are still wearing wedding rings.

West made headlines after being photographed romantically with Lily James. The actors starred together in Rome in the film adaptation of The Pursuit of Love. The paparazzi took several photos in which Dominic and Lily ride the same scooter together, have dinner together in a cafe, where Dominic kisses his colleague and strokes his hair. Sources say the couple also visited Roman landmarks together and spent two nights in a suite at the five-star Rocco Forte Hotel De La Ville.

A friend of Catherine’s said that after these photos, West’s wife was “heartbroken”:

She saw these pictures, she is very upset. I immediately came to talk to her as soon as they left. Catherine tried to talk to him, but he does not answer. She is absolutely shocked by what happened because she had no idea what was going on. They were together, everything was fine, so it was completely unexpected. She thought they had a good marriage. But already, most likely not,

– said a man from the circle of Fitzgerald.

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