Dogs with Covid-19 suspected coronavirus were not found

Hong Kong doctors did not find Covid-19 in a dog that had previously been hospitalized with suspected coronavirus. This reduces the likelihood of a possible transmission of the virus from person to animal, writes Reuters.

The first test of the animal for coronavirus showed negative results, according to representatives of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Nature Conservation of Hong Kong (AFCD). Doctors will now retest the dog, as viruses were previously detected in samples from its nose and mouth.

The dog was hospitalized after the owner of the dog, who had been near it for a long time, was hospitalized with coronavirus.

“In the early stages of infections, a negative result is often possible, since it often takes 14 days or more to determine measurable antibody levels”.


However, the World Health Organization claims that so far there is no evidence that pets can be infected with coronavirus.

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