Doctors warned of a change in the symptoms of COVID-19

British scientists from King’s College have warned of changes in the symptoms of COVID-19.

Scientists warn that due to the mutations that have appeared, the coronavirus is now difficult to distinguish from the common cold.

The National Health Service of Great Britain left in the list of the main signs only a headache, a runny nose, and a sore throat. Loss of smell and taste, cough, and fever are no longer considered the main symptoms. Doctors noted that now the virus cannot make itself felt until the patient gets to the intensive care unit with a severe form. It is recommended to pay attention to the slightest symptoms of a cold and take tests.

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2 thoughts on “Doctors warned of a change in the symptoms of COVID-19”

  1. hi I am very distraught and disgusted that Covid is so severe. I hate this covid stuff. Its a horrible and severely nasty disease. That breaks my heart. It makes me want to cry my eyes out for sure.

  2. It’s what I’ve been calling the “Super Cold” the one mother always warned us about when we went outside in winter without our coat on. “ You’ll catch your death of cold dear she would say dressed that way. “


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