Doctors called a hidden sign of high cholesterol

High cholesterol levels can lead to serious heart problems, but cholesterol does not manifest itself in any way symptomatically. However, scientists managed to recognize one of the signs of the disease in the Achilles tendon area. The Daily Express writes about an inconspicuous symptom in the ankle.

The University of British Columbia (UBC) claims that cholesterol — low-density lipoproteins (LDL) – can lead to the accumulation of “yellowish deposits” in the tendons. “Due to the biochemical relationship between LDL and the collagen contained in the tendons, LDL leaves the bloodstream and attaches to the tendons, especially the Achilles, becoming larger and harder, causing inflammation,” the scientists write. Because of this, the structural integrity of the tendon is violated, changes in it become noticeable.

High cholesterol may depend on age, weight, or another disease (for example, high blood pressure or diabetes). To reduce it, you will need to make changes in your lifestyle and diet. It is necessary to reduce the number of saturated fats that are contained in butter and ghee, lard, fatty meat, and cheese.

Instead, you need to add products containing unsaturated fats: vegetable oils (olive, sunflower, corn, rapeseed, and nut), avocado, nuts and seeds, fatty fish. You should also perform at least 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of exercises per week, practice walking, swimming, and cycling.

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