Doctor in Germany suspected of killing covid-19 patients

In the German city of Essen, a doctor at a University clinic was suspected of killing patients with a coronavirus infection. The police detained the suspect.

“After a joint investigation by the Prosecutor’s office and the Essen Police Department, it is suspected that the medic deliberately and illegally administered medications to seriously ill patients at the last stage of their life, which led to their immediate death.”

As a result of the doctor’s actions, two men aged 47 and 50 died on November 13 and 17. The patients were treated by the suspect and were “in a very critical condition” when the drugs were administered.

Police launched a murder investigation, and the medic was placed under arrest. He gave evidence on one of the deaths, saying he wanted to end the “suffering of the patient and his family.”
The 44-year-old doctor has been working at the facility since February 2020. The University clinic said the patients were “in the final stages of death.” The medic was suspended from work.

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