DNS service outage caused Google, Microsoft and Steam to crash

Internet users around the world complained en masse tonight about problems accessing popular online resources. According to the DownDetector service, reports of interruptions in the work of more than 40 popular sites and services have become more frequent tonight, including Steam, PlayStation Network, Google, Amazon, Fortnite, Aliexpress, Microsoft, and many others.

A number of resources, including Airbnb and FedEx, have confirmed that the sites are experiencing problems and said technicians are looking for the root cause of the problem. Informed sources say the massive loss of access to resources is due to a DNS outage from cloud provider Akamai. Akamai confirmed that there were problems with the Edge DNS service and later said that it had fixed the problems.

Today’s problems with Internet access highlight the centralization problem of the modern Internet. It was originally designed to be decentralized and resilient to disruptions, but as large online market players emerge to integrate key services around them, the resilience of the network suffers. Disruptions at large companies are having an increasing impact on the Internet ecosystem as a whole.

Akamai says the DNS service outage was not the result of a cyberattack on the platform, but does not disclose what the problem is or what caused it.

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