Dmitry Peskov was infected with a coronavirus. He’s in the hospital

Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus infection. He is in the hospital. A Kremlin spokesman told. Peskov contacted President Vladimir Putin more than a month ago.

Peskov’s wife, Tatyana Navka, told the Daily Storm that she is in hospital. She was also diagnosed with a coronavirus. “I almost come to myself in two days, I have normalized everything: my blood and temperature are not present,” she said. According to her, the health of the spouse is under the control of doctors. He was all right, she noted. According to the grooves, the last time all the family members strictly abide by the mode of self-isolation, only worked Sands. “Most likely, this is from him, since he was the first to get sick. He brought it from work, ” Navka said.

On April 30, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin informed President Vladimir Putin that he had been diagnosed with a coronavirus. On the same day, he was hospitalized. First Deputy Prime Minister Andrey Belousov was assigned to serve as Prime Minister temporarily. Earlier, Putin said that he communicates with Mishustin daily. According to him, he is on the mend, takes part in the current work and preparation of decisions. On May 8, Mishustin participated in a public meeting via video link for the first time since his hospitalization. In the hospital where the Prime Minister is being treated, a working office was organized for him, the government’s press service previously told.

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