Disputes over aid to farmers may hinder the government’s interim budget

Current Federal government funding expires on September 30

This week, the US Congress is considering a bill to fund the Federal government through mid-December. Still, the debate over farm aid has raised questions about whether lawmakers can avoid a government shutdown amid the pandemic and weeks before the November 3 election.

With government funding set to expire on September 30, Democrats in the House of Representatives announced that they had introduced a temporary funding bill. Still, they angered Republicans by not including funds that President Donald Trump wanted to allocate to farmers.

“The draft version of the government funding bill proposed by the Democrats ignominiously misses the important help and support that American farmers need. This is not the time to make things worse for farmers and rural Americans by depriving them of financial aid, ” tweeted Republican Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell.

Republicans may try to amend the document, but ultimately both houses of Congress must approve the same version of the bill before it is sent to President Donald Trump for signature.