Disney Studios releases one-minute Mulan promo with new shots

For the upcoming September 4th fantasy premiere of Mulan, Disney has released a new trailer. It reminds of the date of the premiere and that in those countries where there is a streaming service Disney +, the film will show it. In the rest, including Russia, the film will be released in cinemas.

Mulan is an artistic remake of the 1998 full-length cartoon of the same name. It tells the story of a girl who replaced her ailing father when the emperor drafted one man from each family into the army to cope with the invasion of enemies.

In the cartoon, the small red dragon Mushu, the guardian of Mulan, plays a prominent role. In the remake, it will not be, according to the filmmakers. But the studio included a shot in the trailer when, during the battle, Mulan looks into his sword, like in a mirror, and sees a phoenix flying behind her. Or a little red dragon? Will there be a new fantastic character in the film to replace the dragon or this is a one-off episode – viewers will be able to find out in less than a month.

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