Disney can replace Kathleen Kennedy with George Lucas in Star Wars Lucasfilm

According to the latest data, the management of Disney has agreed to resign the head of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy. Before that, it was reported that she stopped appearing at meetings, and the studio staff now only see her representative.

According to insiders, Kennedy’s departure will be announced soon, but it is not known how the process will be arranged. At the same time, there is an insane rumor that she will go under the wing of JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot Productions, but there is no additional confirmation of this, and earlier sources reported about Kennedy’s plans to create his own company.

Insiders also claim that George Lucas himself is being offered to lead Lucasfilm during the transition period. The initiative comes from Disney investors, who started walking around the director (owns 2.2% of the company) a couple of months ago, but he stubbornly evaded answering and changed the topic of conversation. So three weeks ago, Lucas was asked directly what it took to get him back to work on the Star Wars franchise. In response, he expressed his readiness to take office only if four conditions are met, and they are not subject to discussion:

-Lucas will direct his trilogy for Disney;
-Lucas has complete creative control;
-Kennedy must go;
-Disney is committed to never touching the original Star Wars trilogy (altering, reworking, remaking, etc.).

Disney’s reaction to George Lucas’ ultimatum was unusual. They asked the director when he is ready to take over as head of Lucasfilm.

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