Disney+ blocked some cult cartoons

The American streaming service Disney+ has blocked viewing of the cartoons Dumbo, Peter Pan, The AristoCats, and the film Swiss Family Robinson for children under 7 years old because of the racial stereotypes depicted in them, the Daily Mail newspaper reports.

According to the newspaper, the cartoon Peter Pan, most likely, was blocked, as it depicts a tribe of Indians called “redskins.” One of the cats in the cartoon The AristoCats has slanted eyes and protruding teeth; the design of this character was described as “a caricature of East Asian peoples.”

The cartoon Dumbo makes fun of African-American workers on southern plantations, in one of the moments “faceless black workers work under the offensive lyrics of the song: “When we get our earnings, we lose all the money.” The film Swiss Robinson Family was criticized for having pirates with “yellow” and “brown” faces.

The ban does not apply to adult accounts.

According to the newspaper, a representative of Disney declined to comment.

Earlier it was reported that Disney decided to accompany the cartoons Dumbo, Peter Pan, and AristoCats on the Disney+ service with warnings about the presence of “harmful stereotypes” and “negative images of peoples or cultures” in them.

Before viewing these cartoons, viewers are shown the following warning: “This program contains a negative image… peoples or cultures. These stereotypes were wrong both before and now. Instead of removing this content, we want to recognize the harmful impact it has, learn from it, and start a discussion aimed at creating a more inclusive future.”


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