OpenAI generates 4.5 billion words per day. This is a record

Researchers have noticed that an increasing number of companies have started to use AI-based text generation technology. The most famous content generator produces about 4.5 billion words per day.

The world’s most famous AI-powered text generator, OpenAI GPT-3, now generates about 4.5 billion words a day. Its creators point out that their development works in over 300 applications. The researchers added that such metrics are an indicator of the “growing influence, scale and commercial potential” of text generation.

OpenAI was initially a non-commercial product but has been trying to cash in on GPT-3 for the past few years. The company has an exclusive deal with Microsoft that gives the tech giant unique access to the core code of the program. But any company can apply for access to the general GPT-3 API and build their services on it.

For example, a startup called Viable uses GPT-3 to analyze customer reviews and write responses to them. Fable Studio uses a program to create dialogues for VR glasses, and Algolia uses it to improve its products for web search.

However, analysts point out that using GPT-3 in a startup is very simple, but the same can be done by the company’s competitors. Thus, no company will receive as many benefits from the use of the technology as OpenAI.

Another concern about the growth of text generation systems is related to the quality of their content. Like many algorithms, text generators have the ability to learn from bad texts. It is because of this that automated chatbots can communicate rudely with customers and only increase problems, not solve them.

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