Died actor from “Star Trek” and “King Kong” Rene Auberjonois

American Director and actor Rene Auberjonois, known to viewers on the television series “Star Trek” and the film “King Kong,” died in the 80th year of life. The cause of death is metastatic lung cancer.

His representatives in the official Twitter account of Auberjonois confirmed the death of the actor.

“We regret to confirm that Rene passed away today, Sunday, December 8,” the statement said.

The newspaper the Washington Post with reference to the son of Auberjonois said that the actor died at his home in Los Angeles (California).

Rene Auberjonois was born on June 1, 1940, in New York City. He starred in the films “King Kong,” “MASH,” as well as in the TV series “Star Trek. Deep Space Nine,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Boston Legal.”

In 2018, the name Rene Auberjonois appeared in the Hall of fame of the American theater.

Interestingly, the family of Auberjonois connected by kinship ties with Napoleon Bonaparte. Renee’s great-great-great-grandmother, Caroline Bonaparte, was Napoleon’s younger sister.

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