Developed a device that can control dreams

Researchers at the Fluid Interfaces group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab have unveiled a new invention: Targeted Dream Incubation (TDI). He writes down reports of dreams, and also directs dreams to specific topics, according to the website of the educational institution.

Targeted Dream Incubation (TDI) is a protocol implemented via an app in conjunction with a wearable touch tracker. It serves as a tool for controlled experimentation in the study of dreams, expanding the possibilities for research into how they affect emotions, creativity, memory, and other human capabilities.

A device that can alter dreams detects a stage of hypnagogia and then transmits sound signals to the sleeper at precise times in the sleep cycle. Once awakened, the guided dream content can be used to write a story, for example.

Most sleep research was limited to university laboratories, and the procedure was expensive. In addition to the benefits for scientists, this work could lead to new commercial technologies that go beyond sleep tracking and enable activities that affect sleep initiation, sleep quality, sleep-based memory consolidation, and learning”.

Authors of the project

The first pilot study by the Media Lab team using Dormio demonstrated the incubation of dreams and increased creativity in six people.