Detroit authorities accused the Trump headquarters of spreading misinformation

Lawyers for the city administration asked the court to remove the disputed documents from the case’s materials on the cancellation of the election results.

The administration of the city of Detroit. The state of Michigan has asked a court to condemn President Donald Trump’s campaign for spreading misinformation as part of a lawsuit concerning the confirmation of election results in one of the state’s districts.

On Thursday, the Trump campaign headquarters said they were voluntarily dropping a lawsuit challenging the Michigan election results. They referred to a meeting of Wayne County election officials at which they allegedly refused to recognize the election results. De facto Republican members of the election commission initially refused to recognize the election results but then changed their minds after an outbreak of public outrage.

Lawyers representing Detroit’s city said that the Trump campaign headquarters, which is challenging the election results in court, included “false information” in court documents. The lawyers asked the Federal judge to exclude the case file’s disputed document and reprimand for providing such documents.

One of Trump’s lawyers said that the documents presented to the court did not contain false information.

Author: Steve Cowan
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