Details of the first Russian mission to Venus have become known

The scientific director of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Lev Zeleny, gave details about the first Russian mission to Venus.

According to the expert, the program will be comprehensive. It is assumed that the Venus-D spacecraft will be launched into space in 2029. According to Zeleny, funding for research has already begun; it is enough for the design level for a period of two years.

It was planned that the flight to Venus would be the result of the efforts of the United States and Russia. According to Zeleny, the political situation in the United States is not very clear, so scientists are waiting for a decision that this will be a Russian mission with the active participation of the United States and, possibly, other countries.

The Russian mission to Venus will not be the first in this century before it is planned to launch an Indian device with a Russian-French device.

Flights to the “pink planet” were carried out as part of the Soviet space programs. On Venus, the landing was carried out by planetary rovers; they measured the temperature, transmitted images from the planet, and recorded sound. As part of the study of the atmosphere of Venus, the Soviet Union developed the Vega-1 and Vega-2 spacecraft. They were launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in the late 80s and completed their tasks.

Currently, the study of Venus in the Russian Federation is limited to one project of the interplanetary station Venus-D, and it is taken out of the Federal Space Program of 2016-2025. The Venera-D spacecraft will conduct a comprehensive study of the atmosphere of Venus, its surface, internal structure, and surrounding plasma. The project may also be included in a future program.

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