Designed a robot dragonfly easily glides on the water and monitors its condition

The completely soft, electronic, dragonfly-shaped robot glides through the water and reacts to environmental conditions such as pH, temperature, or the presence of oil.

Soft robots are a growing trend in the industry due to their versatility. Their parts can work with fragile objects, such as biological tissues. They can usually be damaged by the metal or ceramic components of the robots. Such robots’ soft bodies allow them to float or squeeze into confined spaces where conventional machines can easily get stuck.

Scientists at Duke University have developed a dragonfly-shaped robot – DraBot. He knows how to collect information about the state of water. The authors of the development emphasize that this is useful when monitoring the environmental situation. The unique soft robot works without electronics, and it contains a self-healing hydrogel that responds to pH changes in a matter of seconds. m covered with the wings of an insect robot. Its shape mimics a dragonfly, so the device can easily glide through the water.

The robot’s body is only 5.7 cm long. It is equipped with micro-channels through which air is fed into the wings and expelled at the device’s rear. This allows the robot to glide through the water just like dragonflies do.

The details of the development are described in the journal Advanced Intelligent Systems.

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