Deontay Wilder justified riots in the USA

American heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder justified the protests and riots in the United States, noting that African Americans “ceased to be silent.” The athlete posted the appeal in his Twitter account.

The 34-year-old boxer emphasized that the black population of the United States was systematically subjected to various forms of violence. “We used to be lynched, burned, or whipped. Now we are waiting for prison and murder, ”he said. He remembered the names of the victims of police violence, noting that they had suffered because they “were just themselves.”

“What, mad at the riots? We are tired of being silent, ”Wilder concluded.

Mass protests, accompanied by riots with clashes with the police, have been ongoing in the United States since May 26. Citizens rallied against police brutality after the death of a resident of Minneapolis, blackguard George Floyd. He died due to the strangulation of a policeman. In several cities, units of the National Guard and armored vehicles were introduced to strengthen law enforcement.

Wilder is a former world heavyweight champion at the World Boxing Council. On his account 42 victories (41 of them by knockout) with a single defeat.

Author: Sam Smith
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