Denmark wants to destroy all minks due to mutated COVID-19

The Danish authorities have decided to destroy all minks in the country due to the fact that some have been identified with a stable mutation COVID-19.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen noted that due to the persistence of the mutation, vaccination of people against coronavirus may be less effective.

A mutated virus among minks could pose a danger that the upcoming vaccine will not work as it should.

Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark

According to her, the situation is very serious, since the mutated virus can spread to neighboring countries. The extermination of animals will be dealt with by the police, army and national guard.

It is noted that there are about 15-17 million minks in Denmark. Outbreaks of coronavirus among these animals have been observed since June. About a month ago, it was reported that the coronavirus was found in 41 mink farms. The State Blood Serum Institute has found five cases of the coronavirus mutation in mink farms and 12 cases of the mutated virus in humans.

The publication explains that the mutated virus differs in that it exhibits reduced sensitivity to antibodies.