Denmark suggested starting a new discussion on “Nord stream-2”

Denmark is in favor of bringing the issue of the fate of “Nord stream-2” to a new discussion. In October 2019, it was the last EU country to issue a permit to build a pipeline in its waters.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has offered to discuss the future of the “Nord stream-2” project again, local TV and radio company DR reports.

“I was against “Nord stream-2″ for the whole time. I don’t think we should become dependent on Russian gas. It would be good if we could start a new discussion on this issue,” said Frederiksen.

Denmark, in October last year, became the latest EU country to grant permission for the construction of “Nord stream-2” in its waters. The operator of this gas pipeline, “Nord Stream 2,” controlled by Gazprom, has been seeking this from Denmark for 2.5 years, since April 2017. During this time, permits have already been issued by Russia, Germany, Finland, and Sweden, through whose maritime territories the gas pipeline will also pass.

Discussion of the fate of the “Nord stream-2” project resumed after the German government reported that opposition leader Alexey Navalny was poisoned with military poison from the Novichok group. In particular, the German Union-90/Green party proposed to curtail the construction of the gas pipeline, which called the incident “an obvious attempt to kill the Kremlin structures.” Russian authorities deny such charges. US President Donald Trump, a long-time critic of the project, also supported the rejection of “Nord stream-2.”

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