Denmark approved gender reassignment for ten-year-olds children

The Danish Ethics Council has recommended that government agencies allow 12- or even 10-year-olds to legally reassign their gender. It was reported on March 10 by the Berlingske edition.

The physicians, researchers and parents interviewed by the council members generally believe that children with gender dysphoria at the age of 10-12 are affirmed in their sense of what gender they are.

The left-wing parties of the Danish parliament, including the ruling Social Democrats, supported this initiative. The rest of the parties, not related to socialists, spoke negatively: they warned that such a step by the government could make children with dysphoria “victims of the experiment.” There is still insufficient data on whether legal gender reassignment helps with adolescent transgender issues to conclude from this – it is not known, among other things, what proportion of “gender reassigned” in this way subsequently regret their decision.

In December, a court in Britain tightened rules on puberty-blocking drugs for young transgender people. In the country, gender reassignment therapy up to 16 years old can be carried out only if there is a corresponding court order. Also, in adolescents between the ages of 16 and 18, doctors may need to consult a court to obtain medical intervention approval.

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