Democrats release report with constitutional grounds to impeach Trump

The current President of the United States “is a serious abuse of power,” reads the text.

WASHINGTON – Members of the Democratic Party of the United States from the house judiciary Committee released a report on Saturday that clarified the constitutional grounds for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The text of the document was published on the Committee’s website.

“The situation when the President seriously abuses power, betrays national interests at the expense of relations with foreigners, undermines his official duties or the institution of elections, without a doubt means that he has committed “grave crimes and misdemeanors,” as the creators of the US Constitution understood it. Any of these abuses of public trust is itself grounds for impeachment. If they are combined into one [and committed] to advance the personal interests of the President while ignoring and damaging the Constitution, this is the strongest of all possible grounds for impeachment and removal from office,” the 52 – page document says.

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