Democrats propose accepting a new $ 3 trillion economic aid package

A vote on the bill will take place on Friday; Republicans have not yet supported this initiative.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced a bill for a new economic assistance package of more than $ 3 trillion, including $ 1 trillion for the needs of States and cities, additional payments for working in dangerous conditions for life support workers, and a new round of payments to all US residents.

A vote on the bill is expected to take place on Friday. However, the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has already said that there is no urgency in passing a new law: The Senate will wait until Memorial Day, which is celebrated in the US this year on May 25, to consider possible options.

The Democrats ‘ bill calls for paying about $ 1 trillion to States and municipalities to avoid further layoffs. Democrats propose $ 375 billion to small suburban and rural districts that were left mainly without significant assistance in previous economic aid packages.

Democrats are proposing a new round of direct cash assistance of $ 1,200 for each American (and up to $ 6,000 for each family), as well as a $ 175 billion housing assistance Fund to pay rent and mortgage payments. $ 75 billion is proposed for expanding testing for coronavirus.

Also, the authors of the project propose to extend until January 2021 the payment of increased Federal unemployment benefits for $ 600 per week, increase by 15% the budget for food cards for the poor and allocate new subsidies to pay for health insurance premiums of laid-off workers. Democrats also proposed providing tax breaks for employee retention.

$ 200 billion is proposed to be spent on paying for life-support workers who put their lives at risk while working in a coronavirus pandemic.

During her speech, Pelosi turned to examples from the history of the United States, reminded that “one in the field is not a warrior” and called on Americans to respond to the crisis with a strategy that combines a scientific approach, large-scale testing and the ability to empathize with other people.

“There are people who say: let’s take a break. Hunger does not take a pause. Rent does not take a pause. Payment of bills cannot be put on pause,” the speaker said.

The 1,800-page bill has already been sent to the Republican-controlled Senate, which is wary of implementing a new round of economic aid. Mitch McConnell has already called the Democrats ‘proposal a “national Saltire,” and said it” has nothing to do with reality.”

Republicans in the House of Representatives also refuse to support this initiative.

The fifth “coronavirus” package was developed without the participation of Republicans, who prefer to assess the impact on the economy of previously adopted measures before moving to the next stage of assistance.

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