Democrats in Congress want to prevent Trump from pardoning himself

Member of the House of Representatives Jamie Raskin introduced an amendment to the bill of Democrats that prohibits the US President from pardoning himself.

The President of the United States has the constitutional right to pardon and reduce prison terms. President Donald Trump has angered Democrats by canceling the prison sentence of his longtime friend and informal adviser, Roger Stone.

“A pardon that the President grants to himself is null and void and does not deprive the courts of jurisdiction or give the President any immunity from investigation or prosecution,” the Raskin amendment States.

“It is important that Congress make it clear right now: no President from any party can use his clemency powers to pardon himself or reduce his prison sentence,” Raskin said in a written statement.

The amendment was made to the draft law, which proposes to subordinate the presidential pardon to the norms of the law on bribery. The bill also requires the Justice Department to inform Congress of all the details of forgiveness, and in particular, whether the pardon is related to friends and relatives of the President.

Even if the bill is passed by Congress and overcomes the threat of a presidential veto, it will surely be challenged in court as unconstitutional. The US Constitution states that the President is “granted the right to reprieve and pardon for crimes against the United States, except impeachment cases.” There are no further restrictions on the right to pardon in the fundamental law.

Democrats conducted several investigations against Trump and impeached him in 2019 in the House of Representatives, but the Senate acquitted Trump.

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