Democrats in Congress released two transcripts

The Republicans have increased representation in key Committee.

Democrats in the House of Representatives, leading the investigation into the possible start of the impeachment proceedings of US President Donald Trump, published transcripts of the hearings of two witnesses.

According to the first transcript, US Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who works for the national Security Council, said he heard the US Ambassador to the European Union pressured Ukrainian officials to persuade them to investigate Joe Biden and his son. According to Vindman, on July 10, Ambassador Gordon Sondland indicated that a meeting between President Vladimir Zelensky and President Trump would only be possible if this investigation was launched.

Joe Biden is one of the Democratic presidential candidates.

On July 25, Vindman followed a phone conversation between Trump and Zelensky. He said he had no doubt that Trump was demanding that Ukraine launch an investigation in exchange for a visit to the White House by President Zelensky. According to Vindman, as a result, the relations between the US and Ukraine were damaged.

Vindman’s testimony is broadly consistent with that given by Fiona Hill – a recent national Security Council staffer. They were also published on Friday.

A lawyer for John Bolton, President Trump’s former national security adviser, told lawmakers that Bolton is aware of “many meetings and discussions” relating to trump’s actions regarding Ukraine. The lawyer also indicated that Bolton is willing to testify to Congress if the court decides he is entitled to do so.

Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives have decided to appoint Congressman Jim Jordan, one of Trump’s most active defenders, to the intelligence Committee, which is holding hearings.

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