Democrats collected enough votes to impeach Trump

At least 218 congressmen supported the resolution on the impeachment of Donald Trump.

According to the publication, this number of votes is enough for the document to be approved for voting in the House of Representatives of the US Congress.

The current president of the United States will try to remove from office for “sedition” at the Capitol last week, which caused the death of people.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi made it clear that the House would vote on the document if Trump refused to resign, and Vice President Mike Pence would not take any action to remove him under the 25th Amendment.

Earlier in the day, Democrats officially submitted to the US Congress an impeachment article against Donald Trump on “sedition.” The document says that the country’s president deserves to be removed and should not hold elected office in the future because he committed the crime of “inciting violence” against the authorities of the United States.

If the House of Representatives supports the resolution, then two-thirds of the Senate members must vote for it, which will come out of recess only on January 19.

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