Democratic lawmakers present new documents on Trump’s impeachment

Impeachment articles are expected to be sent to the Senate on January 15.

On Wednesday, the House of Representatives released new and, as democratic lawmakers emphasize, important evidence in the case of the impeachment of us President Donald Trump. We are talking about the correspondence between trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his assistant, the Soviet-born businessman Lev Parnassus, with high-ranking Ukrainian leaders.

As it is clear from the submitted materials, Rudy Giuliani sought a meeting with Ukrainian officials to initiate an investigation against the son of the former Vice President of the United States and one of the leading contenders for the presidential nomination from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden.

“All this new evidence,” the statement said, “confirms what we already know: the President and his partners put pressure on Ukrainian officials to announce investigations that will bring political benefits to the President. There can’t be a full and fair trial in the Senate without documents that President Trump refuses to provide to Congress.”

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