Democratic lawmakers criticized Trump’s decision to pardon Flynn

Congressman Jerrold Nadler believes that in this way, Donald Trump prompted Michael Flynn “to back down from his promise to cooperate with federal investigators.”

US Democratic congressmen Adam Schiff (from California) and Jerrold Nadler (from New York) on Wednesday criticized the decision of us Republican President Donald Trump to pardon his former national security aide Michael Flynn.

The US leader announced Flynn’s pardon earlier on Wednesday on Twitter.

“Donald Trump repeatedly abused the right to pardon to reward [his] friends and protect those who covered for him. This time, he pardoned Michael Flynn, who lied to hide his ties to the Russians,” Schiff claims on his Twitter page.

In turn, Nadler said that Flynn’s pardon, in his opinion, is “undeserved and unprincipled.” “It is important to say why trump pardoned Flynn. President Trump beckoned [his former aide] with this pardon to encourage Flynn to back down from his promise to cooperate with Federal investigators – it’s about cooperation that could reveal the President’s own misdeeds. And it worked. Flynn broke the deal, retracted his plea of guilt, received the support of the attorney General <…> and has now received a pardon,” Nadler believes.

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