Demi Moore admits that she was humiliated in her Relationships

57-year-old Demi Moore became a guest on the airwaves with Jess Cagle. The presenter started a conversation about the actress’s marriages, of which she had three: with Freddie Moore, Bruce Willis, and Ashton Kutcher, and asked how she was recovering from divorces.

Demi admitted that she used to constantly change herself for men.

‘It is a long process – to love yourself, to accept yourself as you are. Before, I changed myself over and over again to match what I thought was expected of me. In these times when everyone is using each other, working on relationships is really commendable. To walk the path of true love that brought you together, and to give her everything that you have – this can be done only if you love and accept yourself,’ – said Demi.

She also talked about how she returned to sobriety thanks to director Joel Schumacher, who passed away a month ago. In the 1980s, Moore was treated for drug addiction and alcoholism, and eight years ago, she struggled with an eating disorder. Schumacher played a big role in Demi’s path to sobriety. In 1985, she starred in his film St. Elmo’s Lights, and Joel made her conditional: she would only get the role if she went through rehab.

‘I will always be grateful to him. As they say, from the outside you are seen more than you see yourself. In a way, he did it for himself. Then he had not yet come to sobriety. He kind of did for me what he couldn’t do for himself,’ – shared the actress.

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