Demi Lovato showed stretch marks on her body after victory over bulimia

28-year-old Demi Lovato has always been extremely frank with her fans and talked openly to them about her struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, bipolar disorder and bulimia. A few hours ago, she once again decided on such an honest conversation.

The actress and singer posted on her Instagram a series of photos taken this summer: in them she poses in a one-piece black swimsuit and shows stretch marks on her hips and buttocks. In the caption to these shots, Lovato said that she was finally able to get rid of an eating disorder and truly love her body.

Before, I truly believed that there was no cure for an eating disorder. I thought everyone was just pretending it was real, and behind closed doors, a relapse awaits you at this time. “Of course, she’s constantly sick … She can never come to terms with her cellulite.” These are just some of the phrases that I have constantly repeated to myself over the years. I am incredibly grateful that now I can honestly tell you that recently my nutritionist looked at me for the first time in his life and said: “This is exactly what recovery from bulimia looks like,” Lovato shared.

Demi also admitted that she posted these summer shots to confess her love for her own body and its features. During the photoshoot, the singer applied gold paint to the stretch marks and put special meaning into it:

I took these photos in quarantine this summer when I decided to love my stretch marks and stop being ashamed of them. I put gold paint on the tracks: my stretch marks won’t go anywhere anyway, so why not add some shine to them? And let this be a reminder for those who do not believe that it is possible to love yourself. Can you do it! This year has been difficult, so be gentle with yourself, and even if you stumble, be sure to get back on the right track, because you deserve a miracle of recovery!

We will remind that earlier Demi Lovato also suffered from alcohol and drug addiction. In the summer of 2018, the star was hospitalized due to a drug overdose. The singer and actress has come a long way of rehabilitation, after which she admitted that her life has changed a lot after that incident. Now the star really enjoys simple things, leads a healthy lifestyle and instils confidence in those who have just embarked on the path of dealing with addictions.

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