Demi Lovato is accused of hypocrisy over a baked turkey

Demi Lovato took part in a promo for an animal shelter that encouraged people not to eat turkeys. However, the star became a victim of trolling, since right after the holiday, photos and videos appeared in her Instagram stories that contradicted the action in which the actress participated.

Americans cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. On the eve of the holiday, vegetarians and eco-activists are urging to abandon this traditional dish for ethical reasons. The Farm Sanctuary, a shelter for farm animals, made the same message. Representatives of the organization offered to symbolically shelter the turkey by donating $ 35 (about 2,660 rubles). It is assumed that the proceeds will be used to care for the birds.

Celebrities, including Demi Lovato, supported the action. The star posted a photo where she hugs a live bird. And a few days after the holiday, photos with a baked turkey appeared in her story.

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